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Godsfall Worldbook PDF
240 pages of original countries, maps, magic, races, and adventures for your 5e game!

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Where Can I Learn More About The Story?

  • History of Godsfall: Learn about the events behind the Godsfall story, the death of the old gods, and the breaking of the world.

Where Can I Listen & Watch?

Episode 1 “The History of Godsfall is the first in a four-part series about the events behind the creation of Khalgun, the birth of the Godsfall, and the start of the Godswar.

Episodes 2 through 5 are one-on-one episodes introducing the original members of the cast and their characters. Episode 6 “The Runaways is the first with the entire original cast, and Episode 23 “A Look Back recaps Season 1.

Who Are The Main Characters?

Halfling Rouge, God of Travel

Hometown: Port Bliss, Brenus
On his own from a young age, Dorro banded together with other Halfling orphans and got by with quickness and gall. As the arisen God of Travel, he can teleport at will and find anyone, anywhere, as long as they are on a path.

High Elf, God of Emotion

Hometown: Ani

Human Sorcerer, God of Force

Hometown: Southern Shield, Kadar
Xion lived his first sixteen years in Kadar as the dutiful and studious son of the powerful Antitheot Patriarch, Atred Praeten. Mistreated by his two eldest half-brothers and distant father, he was nonetheless lovingly cared for by his mother Amdah and had a good relationship with his third brother and sparring partner Fohza. He planned on following his brothers after graduating from the Academy to a life of service to the State.

However, Xion’s life was abruptly uprooted when he started displaying Divine power: the most hated and feared thing possible to the Kadarians. He was spirited away with the help of his frightened mother onto a boat and he secretly set sail to a life he had never imagined for himself: the life of a newly-arisen God. Growing ever more powerful, he met up with other Awakened like himself and now labors to protect the world from the swirling, inevitable Godswar.

Hill Dwarf, Paladin

Hometown: Voiceless Peaks, Brenus

Wood Elf, Ranger

Hometown: Ironwood, Brenus

High Elf, Warflock

Hometown: Rylend

Who Makes the Show?

Aram Vartian
Aram Vartian

Writer and Producer of the original fantasy story, Godsfall

Cast Members

Past Cast Members

Special Guests

  • Allyson as Eriska Taine
  • Mel as Aryunavar
  • Matt as Sigma
  • Alex
  • Justine
  • Carlos as Pera Rivers
  • Surena as Caitlyn Wainright
  • Pat as Aramil Liadon