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Our heroes journey deep into the mines below Ten Towns to discover the source of the ancient horror plaguing the town of Termalaine in our next D&D Rime of the Frostmaiden episode with Devon and Jakob from TotalPartyChill Read More


The cast and crew behind Does it Roll

Aram Vartian

Aram is the producer and creator of the Godsfall campaign setting. He has been in several campaigns, including Curse of Strahd, Heroes Next Door, Film Reroll, and Dice, Camera, Action!

Joe Trier

Joe is a published author and has recently won an ENnie for his work on Stygian Fox’s Fear’s Sharp Little Needles and his scenario, “The Idol of Thoth”, was the first Call of Cthulhu Scenario to reach Gold in Chaosium’s Miskatonic Repository.

Eoghan Ó Fáilbhe

Eoghan is an Irishman born and raised. Eoghan’s Roles include: Murk the Tortle Bard ( Podcasts of Avernus); Saff Thorngage, the Rogue (Curse of Strahd), and the Reverend John B Royce (Call of Cthulhu)

Niall O'Beirn

Niall is the Canadian contingency of the Does It Roll crew. Generally he is the voice of reason in D&D games, but in Call of Cthulhu anything goes. He is an avid reader and tried to pull from his vast mental library to bolster his role playing abilities.

Kuran Javeri

Kuran is a London based up and coming filmmaker who enjoys playing TTRPG's and putting on questionable accents. Although generally a happy person he isn't smiling in this photo because 2020.

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